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Laatste update: 12-11-2019

Muziek > Ludwig was here (wasn't he)... (2012a)

Ludwig was here (wasn't he)...

altblokfluit en piano

Duur: 4 min. ca

This is the version for recorder and piano of the 3rd movement of my duo sonata for violin and piano. Published by Edition Tre Fontane.

A midi-version of the piano part (with click track) is also available.

Ludwig was here-frontMr. Beethoven certainly was here, because the music closely follows the outlines of the Scherzo from his Violin Sonata, op. 30 no. 2.
He certainly was not here, because the music is based on the beginning of the Afro-American Spiritual ‘Deep River’ (anonymous, first published in 1880).

For a midi-version of the piano part (with click track), right-click here and use the ‘save link as’ option.