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Last update: 09-10-2017

CD Kadanza presented at the Blokfluitdagen Mechelen (Mechelen Recorder Days)

At the Mechelen Recorder Days 2015 my new cd Kadanza has been presented. A variegated collection of 17 pieces for recorder(s) that I wrote between 1985 and 2015, performed by the ensembles they have been written for, which, by no accident, happens to be a choice of the best known ensembles in the Low Countries: the Flanders Recorder Quartet, Brisk Recorder Quartet Amsterdam, La Fontegara Amsterdam and the Loeki Stardust Kwartet. Pieces that are beloved by amateurs, played by the most seasoned professionals!
The cd is published by Globe (GLO 5261) and available through their website or via this site.

Do have a look at the complete tracklist and list of performers here.

CD-Kadanza-VanNieuwkerk CD-Kadanza-VanNieuwkerk

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