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Last update: 09-10-2017

‘Super’ Suite World Première at Wonderfeel Festival

Super’ Suite was solemnly baptised at Wonderfeel at a crowded but intimate concert amidst hail and thunder… Wonderfeel-Stage1    read more / comment

Marcel Worms: New Blues for Piano - met He is not here

Marcel Worms200 new blues pieces from 50 countries in 20 years - and and now a last new cd with the latest new pieces, that includes my He is not here, where James Brown and Gregorian chant meet….    read more / comment

CD Kadanza presented at the Blokfluitdagen Mechelen (Mechelen Recorder Days)

Blokfluitdagen-Mechelen Van Nieuwkerk-CD Kadanza
august 2015 - At the Mechelen Recorder Days 2015 my new cd Kadanza has been presented. A variegated collection of 17 pieces for recorder(s) that I wrote between 1985 and 2015, performed by…    read more / comment

Super Stella

Zomer 2015 - With the wonderful combination of the Bennewitz Quartet and clarinet player Harry-Imre Dijkstra in Groningen…Bennewitz_Quartet    read more / comment

String Quartet ‘Moravian Souls’ by Škampa Quartet

Skampa-Logo S̆kampa-Quartet March 2015 - The Škampa Quartet played the première of my First String Quartet ‘Moravian Souls’ on March 17 in the appropriate surroundings: the Church of the Moravian Brethren in Zeist.    read more / comment

Summer 2014

Summer 2014 - NPORadio4Two musicians whom I greatly admire, violinist Rosanne Philippens and cellist Mascha van Nieuwkerk, presented on Dutch Classical Radio4 this summer pieces of mine that I wrote especially for them.    read more / comment

Premiere of new cello version of my Dance Capriccios in ‘Klassiek anno 2013’

5 september 2013 – Klassiek anno 2013

   read more / comment

Sonata ‘Deep River’: wonderful premiere in March, recording issued in the summer.

Slotconcerten_Zeist-logoMarch/August 2013 - It was an event that impressed all at the Slot Zeist on March, 24: the intensely beautiful first performance that Rosanne Philippens and Yuri van Nieuwkerk gave of my sonata for violin and piano. Titellijst-Sonate-CD They have now also recorded ‘Deep River’ on a beautiful little cd together with Thomas Beijers exciting Motion Games. The two pieces combine into a dramatic listening experience: Cold Play meets Beethoven and Keith Jarret meets Morton Feldman.    read more / comment

Premiere: musical picture of a Jewish Wedding in the 400 years Canal District Amsterdam celebration

Het_Joodse_bruidje_The Jewish Bride May, 2013 -Brisk Recorder Quartet played the première of my recent The Bridal Kiss at a number of concerts during the Promenade Concerts in the Amsterdam Biblical Museum, the Museum Van Loon and the Geelvinck Hinloopen House. The Amsterdam Biblical museum provided surroundings that were doubly appropriate…    read more / comment

American Recorder Tour 2015-2016

Recorder_workshopSaskia Coolen, her many recorders and I hope to visit the States in 2015-2016. We are now preparing a series of courses and workshops for ensembles (advanced amateurs and professionals), dedicated to the study and performance of my music for recorders. In addition, we will bring some newly written ensemble pieces and Saskia will play the premiere of a new virtuoso work…    read more / comment

Deep River Dancing - première in American Night by Fuse & Fretz & friends

Confuse2 Affiche november 2012 - At the night of the American election I attended Club 8 in Amsterdam were Fuse pictured America in a wild blend of performances, presented by Dutch stand up comedian Johan Fretz…    read more / comment

Encore! - the new cd of the Flanders Recorder Quartet

0ktober 2012 - “Blazing speed, the sharpest ensemble precision and rhythm, intensely present sound, flawless intonation, clear and compelling phrasing, and a startling range of dynamics on instruments that are supposed to have almost none at all…” cd_Encore
No less than three works of mine on this wonderful new cd of the Flanders Recorder Quartet, aka ‘Four in a Row’. The program results from their series of Jukebox Concerts….    read more / comment

Scherzo from violinsonata in Kamerklanken Festival

Yuri en Rosanneoktober 2012 - Rosanne Philippens and Yuri van Nieuwkerk played the première of the Scherzo from my new duosonata for violin and piano in the Festival Kamerklanken. It is the third movement of a four movement sonata that will be premiered in March 2013 in the concert series at the spectacular Slot Zeist…    read more / comment

A foretaste on Facebook…

september 2012 - The cd is about to appear…. Flanders Recorder Quartet    read more / comment

Dance Capriccio’s now also for cello and piano

Mascha van Nieuwkerk, celliste May 2012 - The Three Dance Capriccio’s for violin and piano appear to be eminently suited for cello and piano. On this video, cellist Mascha van Nieuwkerk and pianist Thomas Beijer play the première of the first Capriccio in this version….    read more / comment

Ever more Angels, in notes, on cd’s

Stamping Ground (for Angels) voor blokfluitkwartet SAAT Two pieces for recorder quartet, both devoted to Angels, both recently published by two different publishers (one Dutch, the other German), both meant as a present, and both (one soon) to be heard on the cd’s of two recorder quartets of European reknown (one Dutch, the other Flemish)!    read more / comment

Festive occasions

Hoorn Chamber Music Festivalnovember 2011 - While only recently music of mine was played at the opening concert of the Dutch Chamber Music Festival, another work of mine could shortly thereafter be heard at the Hoorn Chamber Music Festival, together with a first performance of a new work by another Dutch composer, my neo-romantic collegue Alexander Comitas, played by the beautifully Romantic Atlantic Trio of pianist Bas Verheijden…    read more / comment

A long season -

little garden house of Dutch composer Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk in the snow
12 september 2011 - Some news from a Dutch composer’s little garden house: about a piano trio, a guitar quintet, a clarinet trio, a carillon-recorder duo, a Dance Capriccio, a new Heine-cycle, a libretto for David’s Dances, a new recorder quartet on the ancient estampita Tre Fontane – some things reflected upon and now and then even some things composed…    read more / comment

Premiere Bergidylle by the Trio Amare

Bergidylle Trio Amare is now touring Holland with the new Bergidylle! Romantic chamber music about the self’s searching the other in the most remote places, ironically to find itself but other than expected…with video!    read more / comment

Dutch composer in Zeist Music Days: Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano

august 2010- ZMD-logoI don’t usually announce performances except first ones, but this is a very special occasion. In the 2010 edition of the Zeist Music Days, artistic director Alexander Pavlovsky (a musician of great reknown, especially as the first violinist of the Jerusalem Quartet) included me as the only Dutch composer in the festival, playing my trio for clarinet, violin and piano with Nancy Braithwaite, clarinet, and Bas Verheijden, piano. The program included Haydn, Bach and Glazunov, and musicians like violin player Shmuel Askenasi, pianist Robert Kulek and, last but certainly not least, the Utrecht String Quartet…    read more / comment

Dutch Classical Radio 4 Over the Water

Radio4-logoOn june 25 Dutch Radio 4 broadcast an ‘Eveningconcert’ recorded in the Amsterdam Uilenburger Synagoge. It was titled Over the water, after my quintet for guitar and string quartet that was on the program that evening. Upon the face of these waters the spirit of Debussy moved that night…    read more / comment

A Dutch Composer in the Purcell Room at London’s South Bank Centre

may 2010 - After their Dutch tour Tom Kerstens and the Utrecht String Quartet played Over the Water at the London South Bank in the Purcell Room.    read more / comment

Nothing if not Dutch - an Indo in an empty shul

march 2010 - A small tour ending with a concert on a typically Dutch theme in a typically Dutch, Amsterdam location, having a special meaning for a Dutch composer of mixed background….    read more / comment

New lyrical music in an old Amsterdam synagogue

FD-logojanuari 2010 - In the FD-Magazine of January Jurjen Vis wrote about the Uilenburger Concerts interviewed Vanessa Lann, Joost Kleppe me…    read more / comment

Première piano trio ‘De tout mon coeur’ by the Atlantic Trio.

december 2009 - On December 13, 2009 the Atlantic Trio played the first performance of my new piano trio in a fine programme that featured Beethoven op.1:1 en Mendelssohn’s 2nd trio…
Applaus in Figi    read more / comment

Trio Amare previews Bergidylle in idyllic surroundings

november 2009 - A bit of a first night in idyllic Geldrop Castle: Trio Amare played the first movement of my setting of Heine’s BergidylleKasteel Geldrop…    read more / comment

Featured Dutch composer at the Atlantic Chamber Music Festival

august 2009 - I was featured Dutch composer at the Atlantic Chamber Music Festival - and witnessed an impressive first performance of my new (and first) piano trio.    read more / comment

Score of The Lamb & The Tyger (chamber choir SATB) now published

TygerMy short but very intense setting of William Blake’s famous poems has finally been published by Ascolta…    read more / comment

Utrecht String Quartet & Tom Kerstens play Over the Water

TomKAfter the successful London premiere my quintet for guitar and strings Over the Water will be played in the Netherlands in the 2009-2010 season: guitarist Tom Kerstens will perform it with the internationally acclaimed Utrecht String Quartet…    read more / comment

New music of all ages - La Fontegara on Tour Again

januari 2009 - ‘Early music’? Bollocks, new music of all ages…    read more / comment

lisajacobs Lisa Jacobs and The Amsterdam Soloist play my new Due Scherzi

octobre 2008 Lisa Jacobs and the Amsterdam Soloist bring a programme of two well known string quintets (by Mozart and Brahms) that also includes my new one….    read more / comment

Dutch composer in London - Tom Kerstens and the G+ Ensemble play premiere of Over the Water at Kings Place Opening Festival

octobre 2008 In the new Kings Place guitarist Tom Kerstens and the G+ ensemble played the premiere of my new piece Over the Water for guitar and string quartet…    read more / comment

A piece for carillon and recorder for the Utrecht Carillon Society

Saskia_Pandhofmay 2008 - The Utrecht Carillon Society commissioned a piece for the Utrecht Domtower carillon and recorder, or to be more precise, for two master musicians on these beautiful instruments: Arie Abbenes, Utrecht’s city carillonneur, and Saskia Coolen, master recorder player.    read more / comment

Over the Water for guitar and string quartet

I just finished Over the Water, a piece that took me a year to write…..    read more / comment

New recorder piece, with German publisher Edition Tre Fontane

Recorders without borders will be published by Tre Fontane…    read more / comment

Blake Settings now also SATB

The choral diptych The Lamb & The Tyger was recently performed in a new SATB version.    read more / comment

Things that went, things that keep coming…

In the year this website is in existence, I made quite some music, but much more is to come…    read more / comment

Praise for Vintage Brisk

The Netherland’s one and only classical cd-glossy Luister awarded Vintage Brisk its highest recommendation…    read more / comment

Orpheus sings: Dutch composers

OrpheusCDA new cd of Dutch choral music includes my The Lamb & The Tyger….    read more / comment

Vintage Brisk: all new, yet old, music

VintageBrisk_CDGlobe Records just released the cd ‘Vintage Brisk: a selection of the new music the ensemble commissioned from Dutch composers in the past 20 years, including two pieces of mine…    read more / comment

Vintage Brisk: a birthday party

Brisk Recorder Quartet AmsterdamBrisk celebrated it’s 20th anniversary with a cd of contemporary music for recorder quartet and a special programme, including my music, in the Amsterdam Muziekgebouw….    read more / comment

Two Little New Bits of Music…

Two small new pieces, both presents, and both ruled by the number FOUR….    read more / comment

Music score for ‘The Birdwatcher’

In the Netherlands Film Festival, October 3: first night of the short teleplay ‘The Birdwatcher’ by director Ellen Blom. To be seen on Dutch television (net 2) October 13.    read more / comment

A Movie Recital

Brisk: BLIK
My recorder Quartet’s third movement is now touring in a cinematographic concert, or perhaps ‘movierecital’, staged by Brisk Recorder Quartet Amsterdam: BLIK —- a title not easy to translate…    read more / comment

First performance of violin-piano duo in the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

31 maart 2006
My latest piece, Three Dance Capriccios for violin and piano, has been written especially for young musicians Rosanne Philippens and Yuri van Nieuwkerk. Rosanne & Yuri at the request of violin pedagogue Coosje Wijzenbeek, with kind support by the Dutch Fund for Creative Music Writing. The first performance, in a concert by Coosjes young Fancy Fiddlers, has been at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam during their exquisite Rembrandt-Caravaggio exhibition at one of the special ‘Friday Night’ programs offered by the museum. For the occasion, the Fiddlers’ programme consisted of ‘Dutch Masters’, featuring Hendrik Andriessen and Ton de Leeuw, whose beautiful Sonatina is played by Rosanne and Yuri along with my new piece.    read more / comment

Summery School of Music Philosophy

Books: to be read, then discussed at large lengths.Cover At the International School for Philosophy (from August 7 - 11) I will help to discuss the question ‘What is the language of music’, a seminar…    read more / comment

75 Years of Musicology and 74 Musicologists, and me

November 19, 2005 - was presented: Een 75 Musicologen Boek (A Book of 75 Musicologists), to celebrate 75 years of musicolgy at the University of Utrecht. To my surprise, editors Jan Nuchelmans and Emile Wennekes included me….    read more / comment

New Piece for the Bartók Trio

november 7 2004 - The Bartók Trio played the world premiere of my brand new Trio for violin, clarinet and piano in the beautiful acoustics of Bunnik’s Old Reformed Church, with the Concertzender recording……    read more / comment

Polder Winds Blowing

‘Polder Winds Blowing’ is a small series of small pieces for variable winds. Several music schools tried their hands on them last season. And the Dutch ‘Concertzender’ was there to broadcast some….    read more / comment

Christina Competition Laureates play ‘Kalenda Maya’

May 2004 - For the young Gioconde Quartet (average age: 15) I wrote Kalenda Maya, a compact contemporary divertissement based on historical melodies. They played it, very aptly, on a ‘Spring Concert’ in the beautiful historical town of Blokzijl, that was later broadcast by the Concertzender….    read more / comment