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2006a score for 'The Birdwatcher' 11' Pianoquartet (violin, viola, cello, piano)

Music for ‘The Birdwatcher’, television shortplay directed by Ellen Blom, written by Sanne Vogel & Ellen Blom after an idea of Ellen Blom.

1996a Groeten uit zee (een muzikale vertelling) [Greetings from the Sea; a musical narrative] 40' narrator/singer, 4 recorderplayers with various recorders, harp

For Brisk Recorder Kwartet Amsterdam, 1st perf. Haarlem, Concertgebouw

Produced by David Prins, voice: Maureen Sariparnussa, commissioned by North-Holland Philharmonic Orchestra’s Educational Service and the Provinc Noord- Holland, financially supported by the ThuisKopie Fonds.
Tekst: Joke van Leeuwen

1995c Filmscore 'Zoë' 45' Bigband without percussion, harp

TV Shortplay commissioned by KRO/Stimuleringsfonds/Cobofonds, recorded by the Metropole Orkest, cond. Dick Bakker

1995-96 Rare Haren (Hair Cut Crazy ) 45' short pieces for bassclarinet, violin and piano (not yet published)

music for children’s dance theater

1992b Intro 3' 2 recorders

Incidental music for the folk play ‘Fulco the Minstrel’ IJsselstein 1992

1992a Soundtrack 'Hot Dog Tales' 10' piano, clarinet, violin

‘Hotdog Tales’, short movie by Nicol van Kilsdonk about the desolate fair at Long Island; PallMall Movie Productions.

Music as yet unpublished.

1991e Romance for piano 1'10 Piano

from the soundtrack to ‘Post Reykjavik’ by Nicole van Kilsdonk

1991c Romance for horn & piano 3' horn, piano

from the soundtrack to ‘Post Reykjavik’ by Nicole van Kilsdonk

1991a Soundtrack 'Post Reykjavik' 20' piano, horn

Music for Nicole van Kilsdonks shortplay; parts published as Romance for horn and piano

1990 Incidental music for 'Schik met Schrik' (Super Startle) 35' synthesizer

songs, dances and atmospheric music for children’s dance theatre, by Company, for children age 5 - 8; unpublished

1989b Kadanza 2'30 renaissance recorders STB

1st perf. Münster, Germany, by La Fontegara Amsterdam

1989a Incidental music for 'Helden' (Heroes) 45' synthesizer

Heroes, children’s dance theatre by chorographer Katelijne VanDuffel, produced by Company

1988-89 Blocks / Blokken 60' mezzosoprano, renaissance recorders (SS, S, A (in G), T, B, Cb, one player) two percussionists, tape

1st perf. Amsterdam, Frascati by Stichting Recorders, commissioned by the Amsterdam Arts Council

Text: Plath, Auden, Yeats

1988 Incidental music for 'Wout aan de wandel' (Woody's walks) 35' piano, synthesizer

Children’s dance theater

1985a First Things First 70’ Dance opera: three dansers, three singers, three electrical guitarists, three percussionists

1st perf.: Amsterdam, Shaffy Theater, Company
Choreography: Marjolein van Nieuwkerk

Text by the composer