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2016b He is not here 4'25 Piano solo

For Marcel Worms

2002c Piano in the Polder 5’30” 8 graded pieces (elementary to intermediate) for piano two and four hands
  1. Squarely Twirling
  2. Always Fair Weather
  3. Over the Water
  4. Cantus

Commissioned by BuZZing (a Piano Teacher’s Foundation), in a single edition with four pieces by Nathalie Boogers

2000 Fantasque 3'15 piano

for Yuri van Nieuwkerk

1991e Romance for piano 1'10 Piano

from the soundtrack to ‘Post Reykjavik’ by Nicole van Kilsdonk

1975 Book for Two Piano's 16' 2 piano’s

1st perf. AMsterdam, IJsbreker 1982