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Last update: 29-12-2014

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Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk, dutch composer Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk is a Dutch composer born in 1955 in Amsterdam in a Dutch-Indonesian family. At the University of Utrecht he specialized in 20th-century music and music psychology but quickly devoted himself solely to the writing of music. His first major composition, Debris, Soli (1982-83), blended punk, reggae, new music and experimental pop music in a groundbreaking collaboration of pop musicians and classical musicians that met with acclaim but also some surprise in the press.    read more / comment


“So Tear, by Willem van Nieuwkerk, provided another highlight, especially as it was so well executed by the trio. Trio Tagarela’s use of three renaissance treble recorders (the composer allows a choice) brought dynamism to this initially static, rhythmically-evolving piece of Minimalist persuasion with jazz and rock infiltration.” (after a performance of So Tear by Trio Tagarela, which consists of Amy Whittlesea, Lisete Da Silva and Emma Murphy, in the Park Lane Series in the Purcell Room, London January 2002 - The Classical Source    read more / comment



Most of my music has been published by Ascolta. Recently my work has also appeared at the Edition Tre Fontane in Münster, Germany. Most of my scores are available from Broekmans & van Poppel.
Besides a piano, pencil and eraser, I wouldn’t be able to do without Sibelius music notation software.    read more / comment