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Image of “New Blues for Piano”

New Blues for Piano

Marcel Worms
Zefir Records

My He is Not Here opens this CD, the last and final milestone in Marcel Worms’ query for newly composed blues-inspired piano pieces.

Image of “Kadanza”


BRISK, Flanders Recorder Quartet, La Fontegara Amsterdam, Loeki Stardust Quartet, Marjan Banis, Yuri van Nieuwkerk, Saskia Coolen
Globe GLO 5261

My most beloved recorder pieces for amateurs and professionals, by the most renowned ensembles of the Low Countries!

Do have a look at the complete tracklist and list of performers here.

Image of “Sonate 'Deep River' & Motion Games”

Sonate 'Deep River' & Motion Games

Rosanne Philippens - violin and Yuri van Nieuwkerk - piano

On this cd Rosanne and Yuri play two works that have been composed especially for them: my duo-sonata ‘Deep River’ and Thomas Beijer’s ‘Motion Games’, that he wrote for their Dutch Classical Talent Tour 2013.

Supported by a crowdfunding campaign via Voordekunst.nl with extra funding by the Cultuurstimuleringsfonds Haarlem. To be ordered via this website.

Image of “Encore!”


The Flanders Recorder Quartet

A choice from audience favourites that the Flanders Recorder Quartet played around the world in the past decades during their special Jukebox Concerts, where audiences could choose the programme through interactive digital means. Not bad to have three pieces of this Dutch composer here, with the ubiquitous Kadanza providing the opening track in a highly crispy performance, next Catch (an Angel) and finally the brand new Stamping Ground (for Angels) - possibly in the expectation that this piece, too, will become an audience favourite.


Image of “Inspired by the Bells”

Inspired by the Bells

Saskia Coolen - recorders; Arie Abbenes - carillon
Globe Records GLO 5239

Beautiful arrangements by Arie Abbenes and Saskia Coolen of instrumental pieces inspired by bells and bell ringing, including some fine intermezzi and preludes by Saskia herself.
One contemporary (Dutch) piece is included, my ‘Van heinde en verre (From near and from afar)’.


Image of “Vintage Brisk - Contemporary music for recorder quartet”

Vintage Brisk - Contemporary music for recorder quartet

Brisk Recorder Quartet Amsterdam
Globe Records GLO 5220

A selection of music by Dutch composers commissioned by Brisk in the past two decades. Works from, among others, Dutch composers Guus Janssen, Calliope Tsoupaki (originally Greek), Ron Ford (originally American) and Bart Visman. Features my Quartet (part 3) and Catch (an Angel).

Published by Globe Records

Image of “Dutch Composers 'Di Voce' Vol.II”

Dutch Composers 'Di Voce' Vol.II

Female Choir 'Orpheus' cond. by Albert Wissink

Music for female choir by Dutch composers Jean Lambrechts, Vic Nees, Gert Oost, Chris Fictoor, Alexander Comitas and myself: a beautiful and vigorous performance of my The Lamb & The Tyger, dedicated to the choir and its conductor Albert Wissink.
The cd may be ordered from Albert Wissink for 15 Euro: wissinkmuz@betuwe.net!
Get a small foretaste of the music here.

Image of “Scarabee à Chaumont”

Scarabee à Chaumont

Trio Scarabee

In their charming series of recordings on monumental sites in France Scarabee here succesfully puts to the test the acoustics of Chaumont Castle with Kadanza.

Published by Trio Scarabee

Image of “Mosaik”


Blockflötenensemble Wien
via ARS: American Recorder Society

Irmtraut Freiberg, Karin Heinisch, Susanne Jurdak, Eva Maria Kaukal and Prisca Loeffler, recorders. Ensemble music for three-five players (sopranino in g” to great-bass in F); compositions by J.Chr. Demantius, J. Hilton, M. Kaeser, Monteverdi, Morley, Mozart, W. W. van Nieuwkerk, Pachelbel, Reichardt, Schermann.

Published by the American Recorder Society

Image of “De Vier Elementen (The Four Elements)”

De Vier Elementen (The Four Elements)

Praetorius Ensemble

This CD features The Water-Call, for sextet of recorders with harp (or two guitars), the watery part of a set of four pieces on the theme of ‘the elements’ that the Praetorius Ensemble commissioned from Paul Leenhouts, Matthias Maute, Wilfred Reneman and myself.
This CD was recorded early 1999, to celebrate the 35th (!) birthday of the Praetorius Ensemble. It also contains arrangements of the “Water Music” and “Music for the Royal Fireworks” of Georg Friedrich Händel.

To be ordered from the ensemble itself

Image of “Margess International 2001”

Margess International 2001

Rosanne Philippens, Jeroen van der Wel e.a.
Stiftung Lyra, Zürich

A breathtaking recording of the Little Swiss Fantasy by Yang Yi (China), Rosanne Philippens (Holland), Catharina Chen (Norway) and Jeroen van der Wel (Holland), together with several hobby-horses from the string repertoire - like the Saint-Saens Horrible Havanaise, but also very nice Grieg (sonata in c minor) and Dohnányi (Serenade op.10).
Lyra Fnd

A Lyra Foundation Concert CD

Image of “Trio Wood'N'Flutes.jpg”

Trio Wood'N'Flutes.jpg

Kadanza Classics KAD 48130-2

Vicki Boeckman, Gertie Johnsson & Pia Brinch Jensen, recorders. Seven centuries of recorder, from the Middle Ages to the present, including works by Dufay, Machaut, Henry VIII, Mogens Pederson, W.W. Van Nieuwkerk & Matthias Maute.

The name of the label speaks for itself.

Image of “Chips 'n' Chocolate”

Chips 'n' Chocolate

Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin
Hänssler Classic CD 98.343

Pieces with ‘popular’ music influences – which makes Bye bye, Blues (C-U, Jesus) fit in nicely - in spite of its religious tendency.

Published by Hänssler Classic

Image of “Works for three recorders”

Works for three recorders

La Fontegara Amsterdam
Maplehouse MAP 002 1999

So Tear, Bye Bye, Blues (C-U, Jesus) and Kadanza played by the performers I wrote them for: Saskia Coolen, Peter Holtslag and Han Tol, together the former La Fontegara Amsterdam, the most risky recordertrio I ever heard.

Image of “Time & time again”

Time & time again

Brisk Blokfluit Kwartet, Amsterdam Loeki Stardust en La Fontegara Amsterdam
Maplehouse MAP 001

A very special collaboration of three Dutch recorder ensembles, having an enormous reputation even beyond the Dutch polders, recording The Party for two consorts, as well as music by, among others, Daan Manneke and Theo Abasis.

Image of “Fantasia”